About us

Kate Jackson, Director and Founder, Calma Group

Kate Jackson, Director and Founder of Calma Group has worked for more than 20 years in community development in Australia and internationally. 

She is a qualified and experienced trainer and has taught at university.

Kate has managed refugee resettlement, social enterprise development and a range of other capacity building programs. 

Kate developed post-traumatic stress disorder after living and working in South Sudan from 2006 – 2007.

Her own recovery journey was the catalyst for her establishing Calma Group to create opportunities for other survivors and their support networks to access trauma recovery resources. 

Kate is a Registered Migration Agent and in 2013 she established a migration agency called Visavis Group to assist people from refugee backgrounds in Australia to be reunited with their families. 

Kate has been privileged to work with people from diverse backgrounds. 

She recognises the power of language as a social justice tool.  It is for this reason that Calma Group resources are in a range of languages. 

Kate speaks French at an advanced level, intermediate Italian and Hazaragi and basic Dinka and Sudanese Arabic.  

Kate works with a team of wonderful people who make up Calma Group.

Are you a health and wellbeing or community development practitioner? 

Calma Group aims to raise awareness of trauma recovery modalities and to increase opportunities for trauma survivors to access support online.

Calma Group was established in January 2020 and is in its initial stages of development.

If you are a health and wellbeing practitioner and you would like to share your skills, knowledge and experience we would love to hear from you.

Calma Group supports people in all stages of trauma recovery.  

This includes survivors of trauma from:

  • violence
  • death of a loved one
  • serious illness or injury
  • war
  • natural disasters

Calma Group promotes and develops video and audio trauma recovery resources as well as articles, research and other news.

Information about each trauma recovery modality is divided into three sections:

  • learn 
  • experience
  • share

The aim is to give people an opportunity to learn about a range of modalities, to experience them and to potentially share their experiences with the Calma Group community.   

While it is possible for survivors to overcome trauma without support, Calma Group recognises the value of connection throughout the recovery process.

The majority of Calma Group trauma recovery resources will be in English.  

In order to further increase awareness and access the resources will be interpreted and translated into other languages.

Priority will be given to languages spoken by large numbers of refugees and other trauma survivors.

If you would like your resources to be featured by Calma Group or would like to work with us to develop new resources, please contact us at hello@calmagroup.com

Please note that not all submissions will be published.

Contributors will not be paid unless a formal agreement has been entered into with Calma Group. 


Contribute your time

Expressions of interest are invited from students on placement to join our team.

Please contact us at hello@calmagroup.com



Calma Group creates employment opportunities for asylum seekers and people from refugee backgrounds.

Training is provided in:

          web development

          audio and video editing

          interpreting and translation

We invite you to donate to sponsor an asylum seeker or person from a refugee background to join our team.